LLC Chebarkulsky Plywood Plant was established in 2007 on the basis of the former Chebarkul furniture factory.
furniture factory. This woodworking production in Chebarkul is more than 80 years old. In the last decade
the main specialization of the plant has become the production of plywood of different grades and formats, which are in demand in the construction industry.
construction industry. Today's capacities allow the plant to meet up to 80% of the needs of the entire construction industry in the Southern Urals.
complex of the Southern Urals. And this is not the limit yet.
Solid money is being invested in development, modern, environmentally-oriented technologies are being introduced, and labor conditions are being improved.
modern, environmentally-oriented technologies are being introduced, and working conditions are being improved.
In a short period of time the company has undergone a process of technical modernization. Today the production facilities of Chebarkul Plywood Plant Ltd.
"Chebarkulsky Plywood Plant LLC allows to produce up to 120,000 cubic meters of plywood per year of different grades and formats.
format. The distinctive feature of the products of LLC "Chebarkulsky Plywood Plant" is their
high physical and mechanical properties, confirmed by the certificate, which provides many spheres of its application.
The manufactured products are environmentally friendly and enjoy a stable demand both on the external and domestic markets.
domestic markets.
The plant's products meet the highest international quality requirements, have all necessary certificates of conformity and are in great demand in Russia and abroad.
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  • 120 000
    Production capacity of the plant
  • 500
    Working at the company
  • 20
    Production area of the plant
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The address of the mill:
20, 1 Maya str., Chebarkul,
+7 351 685 53 45 (reception)
+7 351 685 53 25 (supply)
+7 351 685 53 97 (personnel department)
+7 351 685 53 25 (accounting department)

Head Office
54, Kozhzavodskaya str., office 32, Chelyabinsk.
+7 351 223 05 83 (accounting department)
+7 351 223 05 05 92 (reception)