Plywood grade FK
The ideal material for those who value sustainability, aesthetics and and convenience in creating their projects.
Birch plywood FK from Chebarkulsky Plywood Plant is suitable for finishing and processing, combines well with other materials, withstands moisture, but is not recommended for outdoor use. It is best suited for indoor use in the manufacture of furniture and toys. This plywood from "CPP" is characterized by its beautiful appearance, pleasant to the touch finish and natural pattern.


The plant's products meet the highest international quality requirements, have all necessary certificates of conformity and are in great demand in Russia and abroad.
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The address of the mill:
20, 1 Maya str., Chebarkul,
+7 351 685 53 45 (reception)
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54, Kozhzavodskaya str., office 32, Chelyabinsk.
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